Mangoesky is a satellite-based broadband internet access solution that can be enjoyed by the public, especially in areas not yet covered by ADSL cable networks, optical fiber, or other high-speed mobile services.

Mangoesky services provide solutions for people who live in rural areas or 3T (Outermost, Leading & Disadvantaged) both for retail customers, housing, cafes / villas, SMEs / SMEs, schools, government offices and corporations.

mangoesky Service Advantages

Wide service coverage to all regions of Indonesia
High-speed satellite internet
Kompetitif Competitive prices
Can be installed anywhere because it is satellite-based, so you don't have to wait for infrastructure development at the installation site
Satisfactory after-sales service, supported by a team of Helpdesk and NOC with 24/7 experience
Small antenna
Can top up your quota easily via sms, website and mangoesky applications as well as through e-commerce such as tokopedia,, Bukalapak, elevenia, & Blibli
mangoesky Mobile apps can be downloaded on Android and iOS


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