“The Broadband Internet Access Service in Remote/3T Areas (Outermost, Frontier & Underdeveloped)”
A satellite-based broadband internet access service that can be enjoyed by the public, specifically in areas not reached by ADSL cable networks, optical fibers, or other high-speed cellular/mobile communication services. The Mangoesky service provides solutions for people living in rural or 3T (Outermost, Frontier & Underdeveloped) areas to retail customers, housing, cafes/villas, SMEs, schools, government offices, and corporations.


  • 24/7 Network Monitoring System (NMS)
  • Static and private addressing based customer needs.
  • Options are available for models and service packages tailored to customer needs.

mangoesky Service Advantages

High-speed satellite internet at competitive prices.
Available for Low latency service.
Available for services voucher-based, quota-based, unlimited FUP, and true unlimited data packages tailored to customer needs.
Easy and fast installation on site (does not require the construction of supporting infrastructure in installation
Satisfactory after-sales service, support by an experienced 24/7 Helpdesk and NOC Team
Small parabolic antenna (diameter < 1 m) and available auto pointing antenna.
Digital Touch Points are available for customers to process new installations, check data package usage, and report outages.
Mangoesky mobile app can be downloaded on Android and IOS.
Has various derivative products such as: Mangoesky Regular, MangoSpace, MangoSphere, MangoStar Lite, dan MangoStar.


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