Calculate Azimuth And Elevation Angles

Simply input the Earth Station Latitude and Longitude, and then the Satellite Latitude and Longitude, and this calculator calculates the Azimuth angle, the Elevation Angle, the Range, and the Polarization tilt.

Input Fields

Earth Station Information
Height (amsl): m
Latitude (+ is North): degrees
Longitude (+/- 180, + is East): degrees

This page uses the Google Maps API to find out accurate geographical coordinates (latitude and longitude) for any place on Earth.
It provides two ways to search, either by moving around the map and zooming in, or by typing an address if the place is unknown.

The default location and address are those of Telkom Satellite Master Control Station Jl Raya Narogong Kalapanunggal Bogor.

Find coordinates by moving around the map.

  1. Drag and drop the map to broad location.
  2. Zoom in for greater accuracy.
  3. Drag and drop the marker to pinpoint the place. The coordinates are refreshed at the end of each move.

Find coordinates using the name and/or address of the place.

Submit the full location : number, street, city, country. For big cities and famous places, the country is optional. "Kebun Raya Bogor" or "Taman Safari" will do.

Satellite Information

Latitude (+ is North): degrees
Longitude (+/- 180, + is East): degrees
* Left zero latitude if you don't know about its latitude


Azimuth Angle (clockwise from True North): degrees
Elevation Angle: degrees
Maximum Range: km
Polarisation: degrees
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