Support Network (SN)

Support Network (SN) is one of the additional solutions for the main products provided by Telkomsat to its customers in meeting and completing customer communication needs ranging from technical consulting, technical design to implementation.

This service is given to both individual and corporate beginner customers who want to have a new communication system or upgrade from the old / existing one. The solutions offered include Service Organizer, EOS (Engineer on Site) satellite, Managed Services, provision of Non IT equipment, CCTV, ATK, Office Equipment, UPS, etc.

Support Network Service Advantages

Reducing operating costs and increasing company competitiveness that leads to customer satisfaction
Cost Efficiency because the solution can be done and adjusted to the customer's budget
Solutions for various new or improved communication systems


TSAT Zone is a WiFi service in a large area with a fast

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Support Network

Support Network (SN) is one of the additional solutions

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Multi Channel Per Carrier

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