Using an Asap Digital Application, Telkomsat contributed to prevent fire in the Jambi forest

  • September 09, 2020
In anticipation of forest and land fires, as specially in a very dry aera most likely to happen in the Jambi province of Sumatera, Telkomsat along with it’s main company that is PT Telkom Indonesia feel called to contribute by providing a forest and land fire control analysis system application called “Asap Digital”.
The app has been initiated by the Directior of the Jambi Regional Police’s special criminal investigation, Kombes Pol. Edi Faryadi worked with PT Telkom with the support of its subsidiaries that is Telkomsat, Telkomsel, and Mitratel has made various updates of information for example like CCTV monitoring, air condition, hot spot, and weather forecast data used for forest and land fire prevention.
In his statement in some few media on Monday (7/9), Kapolres Muaro Jambi, AKBP Ardyanto also welcomes the presence of the Asap Digital application in anticipation of forest and land fires in his work areas.
“A few weeks ago, in the Muaro Jambi area, we have been informed from the Directior of special criminal investigation that there has been a smoke and has been followed up by members in the field to go to the scene and immediately extinguish the fire. With the existance of the Asap Digital app it helps more in preventing a potential forest fire that can be spread throughout Jambi”, says Ardyanto.
From the data we collected, there are 7 surveillance cameras that has been et in the potential forest fire areas and later dozens of other suvielance cameras will be installed throughout Jambi. The camera was installed on the Mitratel and Telkomsel Tower that able to monitor up to a radius of 4 kilometers or an area of 1,200 hectares and can rotate 360 degrees.
In operation, the Asap Digital CCTV in monitored 24 hours a day through the command center based at the Jambi. Other than that, the Asap Digital application has been integrated with the application that contains the whereabouts of the closest personnel on duty on the field.
With the potential for a fire or hot spot will be immediately visible to the officer at the command center (with satellite photos), which is then visually checked with the CCTV installed. So, the officers in the control center can directly contacted the nearest personnel and can immediately extinguish the fire.
According to AKBP Ardyanto, personnel who are on standby are at the location to prevent forest and land fires including the Jambi police, TNI, BPDB (Badan Penanggulangan Bencana Daerah), volunteers and Maggala Agni troops.
Telkomsat’s participation in this application received appreciation from the main director of Telkomsat, Endi Fitri Herlianto. According to Endi, Telkomsat as subsidiaries of Telkom is also proud that through this collaboration it can remind the quality of products and services in the use of digital technology to provide the greatest benefits for Indonesia in accordance with the spirit of BUMN for Indonesia.
“Telkomsat’s participation in preventing forest and land fires realize the development of 3 pillars of the Telkom group’s digital business portfolio, namely digital connectivity, digital platforms and digital services. Telkomsat also build infrastructure and a smart and sustainable platform that can be felt by all Jambi people in particular and Indonesian people in general”, said Endi.
The same thin also expressed by the commercial director of Telkomsat Puguh Indaryono who argued that this synergy between Telkomsat and the Telkom Group plays and active role in protecting the environment and always giving the best for the Indonesian nation.
“The synergy between Telkomsat and Telkom Group plays an active role in protecting the environment by various of invention and services provided. Gives the best for the nation and aligning the role and responsibility for the business, social and environmental aspects of course by holding the purpose of a commitment to create sustainable business practice.”, said Puguh.
Furthermore, VP Enterprise service Telkomsat Fitra Akmal, explained that the presence of this application is the right solution in preventing forest fires in Jambi which almost occur every year. And this application can be a benchmark for the prevention of forest and land fires in other provinces, which are also facing the same threat of forest and land fires.
“Jambi province has a lot of plantation land and the majority of the land is still flammable peat soil. Hot spot monitoring with satellite photo technology from lapan, combined with visuals from CCTV with network from Mitratel and Telkomsel, combined with this application is very precise in controlling forest and land fires”, said Fitra.
Telkomsat will continue to strengthen its position as a satellite service provider that can strengthen its position with digital platform services and develop digital services electively. With a focus on digitization program, Telkmsat is ready to support the Indonesian government to deal with forest fires significantly through various solutions presented.