The Commercial Directorate of Telkomsat Organizes the Ngobras Series Event

  • February 01, 2023
Bogor, January 27, 2023 – Starting a long journey and challenges in 2023, the Commercial Directorate of Telkomsat held the "Ngobras Series" event which was attended by all AM (Account Managers), SVP WARS, all VP Commerce, and directly led by the CMO of Telkomsat. The event, which was held with hybrid and was centered at the Satellite Transmission Control, Bogor, entitled “Beginning New Challenge in 2023 with Strongest Spirit and Solidarity”. By choosing this theme, it is hoped that all Account Managers will be prepared for the challenges in 2023 with strong enthusiasm and solidarity.

Starting his direction, CMO of Telkomsat - Andri Yunianto, expressed his gratitude and at the same time appreciated the AMs for their hard work and best contribution in 2022. Andri also believes that Human Resources (HR) coupled with strong passion and solidarity, can be the key key to the success of a team or company.

He hopes that AMs must always be aggressive and pro-active towards customers. Not just offering products, AMs must be able to maintain customers well and know other needs expected by customers. This is part of efforts to provide the best experience for customers.

At the end of the event session, awards were also given to AMs who have succeeded in selling VSAT Star and MangoStar services during 2022.

By holding this event, it is hoped that it can provide motivation and increase the enthusiasm of AMs in achieving the company's targets in 2023 which are increasingly challenging.