Telkomsat Wins Award at the 2020 Corporate Image Award

  • October 19, 2020
Bogor - PT Telkom Satelit Indonesia (Telkomsat) won an award as "The Best in Building and Managing Corporate Image" for the Data Communication (Satellite) category from Frontier Group at the 2020 Corporate Image Award. This award was received directly by the President Director of Telkomsat, Endi Fitri Herlianto, at the Bogor Satellite Transmission Head Office, on October 19, 2020.

"This achievement is the result of the hard work of all employees who are fully supported by Telkomsat management, we are proud to have Telkomsat chosen as the recipient of the Best in Building and Managing Corporate Image award. This award will trigger the spirit to strive and continue to maintain the reputation as the best satellite service provider in Indonesia and always be positive in facing challenges in the future, "said the CEO of Telkomsat.

He added that this award is proof that Telkomsat has been known and has gained the trust of the Indonesian people through service innovations presented by Telkomsat.

In line with the CEO of Telkomsat, AVP Corporate Communication & Office Support Sinai Handayani, said that "A good company image has a positive impact on customer preferences for products and services. In making purchasing decisions, customers tend to consider factors of product quality or image. The balance and consistency of these two factors creates a good image, friendly, managed properly will provide benefits for the company." 

The Corporate Image Award is an award given to companies that have the best corporate image in their respective industry categories based on an independent survey conducted by the Frontier Group. Measuring the company's image has been started since 2000, and this year is entering its 20th year. It can be said that this survey is the longest survey in Indonesia for measuring company image.

The corporate image survey was conducted on four groups of respondents, namely upper middle management / business people, shareholders / investors, journalists, and the public. This survey involved 1,050 respondents and the survey results resulted in a Corporate Image Index (CII) score obtained by measuring 5 attributes representing 4 dimensions, namely Quality, Performance, Responsibility, and Attractiveness. The results of CII, which have been measured by Frontier Research, show that Telkomsat obtained an index value of 1,825 above the average index for the data communication industry (satellite) of other companies.

With this award, Telkomsat has transformed into the leading satellite-based telecommunication service provider in Indonesia and is expected to continue to contribute in supporting the acceleration of digital transformation for a more advanced Indonesia.