Telkomsat Seminar Participates in "Harmonizing Technology for a Better Nation" Event

  • March 20, 2020
Yogyakarta - Yogyakarta - In mid-March, Technocorner 2020 held a National-level seminar with the theme "Aligning Technology for a Better Nation" at the MM FEB UGM auditorium, Yogyakarta.

Socialization is a successor for technology that is needed by the National Seminar to provide understanding to experts and the wider community that supports technology not fiction conversion. Everything is back to the original goal of the creation of technology, which is to facilitate human work every inch and advance a country.

This National Seminar aims to introduce experts and the wider community to the importance of technology in the future and in the future, in order to realize more advanced technology. With good advanced technology, life will become easier, efficient, and flexible.

Anggoro K. Widiawan, VP of Telkomsat Strategic Business Development, as one of the speakers delivered the sub-theme "Rediscovering 4G to Prepare Us for the Next Level". This sub-theme was chosen, which is expected to provide input to seminar participants on the development and equity of 4G LTE in Indonesia, which contains a full overview and explanation of Indonesia's readiness to meet the 5G Era in the future.