Telkomsat - Pusteksat Improves Satellite Technology Cooperation

  • November 29, 2020
Telkomsat and the Satellite Technology Center (Pusteksat) have increased cooperation in satellite technology through visits and discussions in the Galaxy Meeting Room, Jalan Cagak Satelit No. 8, Bogor, Monday 23 November 2020. This meeting was attended by the CEO of PT. Telkomsat, Endi Fitri Herlianto who was accompanied by Telkomsat VP Strategic Business Development, Philipus Nanang H; VP Product Development & Project Management, Sugeng Sugiarto and AVP Product Development, Ricky Kusnandar. Also present were the Head of Pusteksat, Mujtahid; Pusteksat Dissemination Coordinator, Wahyudi Hasbi along with other Pusteksat team.

This meeting discussed a number of opportunities to increase cooperation that could be carried out, such as the use of Automatic Identification System (AIS) data for vessel tracking needs so that ships can be monitored and coordinated from the office on land as well as for communication with ship crews, utilization of facilities and infrastructure for research and technology development satellite, utilization of Biak Earth Station, and increasing the capacity of human resources (SDM). Other opportunities for collaboration are related to research and development of micro satellites with communications missions, research and development of GEO satellites, Telemetry operations, Tracking and Command (TT&C), payload hosting and others.

"The purpose of this collaboration is to build the ecosystem for the Indonesian satellite industry. Therefore, Pusteksat must cooperate with industry and academia, "said Head of Pusteksat, Mujtahid.

This was conveyed by the Pusteksat Dissemination Coordinator, Wahyudi Hasbi. According to him, industry involvement in building the satellite industry ecosystem is very important, because Pusteksat as a research and development institution is limited by various regulations.

"However, we cannot become a satellite factory, there must be an industry or a startup engaged in satellite technology so that there will be synergy. We build international standard facilities for research and development needed by industry, then the industry provides services to users, "he said.

The CEO of Telkomsat, Endi Fitri Herlianto, welcomed this increased collaboration. Endi said, the opportunities for cooperation that can be established are very large so that further discussions are needed. He also agreed that building the satellite industry ecosystem requires the involvement of industry and academia.

"The opportunities for cooperation with Pusteksat are very large, therefore Telkomsat is ready to work together," he said.

In this quite warm conversation, the CEO of Telkomsat also reiterated the Company's commitment to continue providing qualified telecommunication access in 3T areas (Outermost, Frontier & Disadvantaged). One of them is by presenting satellite internet services with fast interconnection, it also supports all the needs for the world of education, health, regional government, defense and security, transportation to improve the economy which is needed today.

Previously in 2018 LAPAN had collaborated with PT. Telkom related to "Synergy in the Field of Telecommunications, Information, Media, Edutaintment and Services with Aviation and Space Technology". The memorandum of understanding covers research, mastery, development and utilization of space and atmospheric science, aeronautical and space technology, and remote sensing to support TIMES services; studies in the field of space; commercialization of LAPAN products and facilities; as well as the use of TIMES services for the needs of LAPAN and LAPAN partners.

Closing the conversation, the CEO of Telkomsat expressed his gratitude and hoped that this collaboration would be useful for Telkomsat and LAPAN and especially for the progress of the nation and state of Indonesia.