Telkomsat Product & Service Innovation Won an Award at the MEA 2022 Event

  • December 15, 2022
Bogor - Telkomsat's commitment to creating product and service innovations produces good results and appreciation. With the innovations presented, Telkomsat won 3 (three) awards at the 2022 Miracle Enterprise Award (MEA) event. The event organized by the Directorate of Enterprise & Business Service TelkomGroup was held in the city of Bogor, on Monday (12/12).

The Miracle Enterprise Award (MEA) 2022 is a business innovation competition at the CFU Enterprise (CFUE) level to provide recognition and appreciation for business innovations produced by all units within CFUE which have made a significant contribution to achieving business performance in their respective work units.

The MEA 2022 competition was attended by 282 innovations, and all of them have been assessed according to the established judging mechanism. In this event, Telkomsat was also attended by 4 innovator teams who participated in various contested categories.

From good teamwork and the support of senior leaders, in 2022, Telkomsat has won 3 (three) awards which include: 2 (two) Gold Winners and 1 (one) Silver Winner. The awards received by Telkomsat include:

No Kategori Inovasi Ketegori Pemenang Judul Inovasi
1 Business Growth Achievement in Sales/Revenue Generation in Government Market Gold Winner Mangoesky Space: The True Digital Enabler
2 Value Creation New Product/Solution in Digital Connectivity in Enterprise Market                Gold Winner Telkomsat’s AIS Data: Protecting Telkom’s Fiber Network
3 Business Growth Achievement in Sales/Revenue Generation in Government Market Silver Winner Digitalisasi Faskes Area 3T Solusi Penanganan Pandemi

For this achievement, CEO of Telkomsat Lukman Hakim Abd. Rauf, expressed his high appreciation to the entire team and all parties involved in Telkomsat's victory at the MEA 2022 event.

"This award is the result of Telkomsat's hard work and commitment in creating sustainable innovation which is expected to have a positive impact on society, as well as to improve company performance, win competition and maintain sustainable growth," said Lukman Hakim Abd. Rauf.