Telkomsat Launches New Product, To Support the Acceleration of Maritime Industry Digitalization

  • May 13, 2021
Bogor - As an effort to support government programs in accelerating digitization of the maritime industry in Indonesia, Telkomsat launched a digital business innovation called Telkomsat Indonesia AIS Data Provider, on (28/04).

The launch of this application was centered at Satellite Transmission Control Station Bogor and was attended by VP Product Development & Project Management Tjatur Prasetyo, AVP Product Development Ricky Kusnandar, and was attended via video conference by CDO of Telkomsat Andy Revara, senior leaders and other Telkomsat employees.

The presence of this application serves to meet the need for ship position information to ship traffic movements that can be monitored via the web application based on AIS data transmitted from ships circulating in Indonesian Maritime. Through this innovation, Telkomsat hopes to contribute to all Indonesian maritime stakeholders.

With the concept of the Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) business model using the Internet of Things (IoT) architectural framework, Telkomsat developed a digital service called Ship Observer Collective Acquisition AIS or abbreviated as SOCA AIS which consists of SOCA application platform, network configuration and devices in the form of AIS modules. Station Terrestrial Receiver which functions to acquire ice data from surrounding ships. Apart from that, SOCA can also send data periodically (every 5 minutes) to the AIS Data Server.

Making a Real Contribution to the Indonesian Maritime Industry.

The new digital business of Telkomsat Indonesia AIS Data Provider along with AIS data-based service that will be developed aims to provide maximum benefits for maritime progress in Indonesia, including:
  • Upholding Indonesian sovereignty over the authority of the Indonesian Maritime area.
  • Supervise and monitor all maritime activities and activities in the Indonesian Maritime area.
  • Manage ship traffic and navigation.
  • Complying with the provisions of IMO on Safety of Life at Sea - SOLAS, is the most important convention of all international conventions on maritime affairs.
According to VP Product Development & Project Management, Tjatur Prasetyo "Through this innovation, the safety of seafarers will be more secure, and this step is in line with President Jokowi's mandate that Indonesia is determined to become the world's maritime center."

Has Various Features

Through a special website access, this application is designed and presented as a Digital Touch Point Customer for the needs of access to data information on ships sailing, especially in Indonesian waters. Service features available include REST API Service, Vessel Online Tracking and Vessel Voyage History. Where specifically REST API Service, is provided to the needs of professional customers.

Telkomsat Indonesia AIS data that can be presented to customers consists of satellite and terrestrial ais data which includes class A and class B ice data to meet the needs of all Maritime stakeholders (especially Government).

With the taglines "Becoming a Leader and Reliable Indonesia AIS Data Provider" and "Telkomsat Indonesia Maritime Surveillance Center", it is hoped that Telkomsat can provide benefits to the Indonesian nation in general in supporting ship traffic management, minimizing the potential for ship accidents, violations and enforcing Indonesian maritime sovereignty.