Telkomsat Conducts Sharing Knowledge Event Regarding Broadcasting Service to Employees

  • August 30, 2022
Bogor – Telkomsat held sharing knowledge as part of the equitable transfer of Telkomsat product knowledge so that it can be understood by all levels and internal Telkomsat stakeholders equally. The knowledge sharing brodcasting activity was carried out in a hybrid, on 18-19 August 2022 and was attended by technicians from the regional area, account managers and employees from various units.

The event, which took place at the Telkomsat Bogor Satellite Transmission Office, was opened directly by the Director Finance and Risk Management of Telkomsat – Rizal Ahmad Fauzi and was attended by employees and also attended by VP Human Capital Management of  Telkomsat - Mohamad Ramdan.

During the knowledge sharing session, speakers L. Daryanto & Muhamad Mulyadi collaborated to explain concepts and simulations for Telkomsat broadcasting services, Satellite News Gathering (SNG) and Multi Channel Per Carrier (MCPC).

Sharing begins with understanding basic concepts & product introduction on the first day, and continues with practical simulations on the second day. In detail, the Participants had the opportunity to thoroughly practice both services guided by the presenters, starting from pre-installation, installation, device operation, configuration, to ready for service.

With this knowledge sharing, it is hoped that it can provide comprehensive insight and explanation about Telkomsat broadcasting products when employees meet with customers.