Telkomsat Conducts Exploration of Cooperation with SKK Migas

  • December 21, 2022
Bogor – To support the development of the oil and gas industry in facing challenges and opportunities in the industrial technology disruption era 4.0, Telkomsat is exploring collaboration with SKK Migas in terms of utilizing satellite connectivity to monitor pump activity and performance through IoT devices. This exploratory event was marked by SKK Migas' visit to the Satellite Control Headquarters, Cibinong on (20/12).

The event was also attended by VP Enterprise Service Telkomsat Fitra Akmal, Head of Strategic Management and Information Technology Division of SKK Migas Syukri Waldi, Senior Leaders of Telkomsat and SKK Migas staff.

On this occasion, VP Enterprise Service Telkomsat, Fitra Akmal, welcomed the SKK Migas delegation and explained in detail about the Satellite Master Control Station Telkomsat in Cibinong which consists of several functions and sections.

In addition, he also said that, Telkomsat will always optimize satellite connectivity to accelerate the nation's progress in all aspects, one of which is to support SKK Migas in monitoring pump activity and performance through IoT devices in real time. This service from Telkomsat aims to increase productivity, cost efficiency, and minimize risk by using IoT technology.

After listening to the remarks, the audience had the opportunity to directly inspect the satellite control room, the customer care room and visit the antenna location which is located in the office yard.

With this visit, it is hoped that Telkomsat can assist SKK Migas experts to analyze data related to oil and gas so that it can be used as input for planning the use of the latest technology according to needs. And in the future there will be a harmonious synergy between Telkomsat and SKK Migas.