Telkomsat and Telkom Indonesia Held Opening Internal Consulting for Satellite Business Consolidation

  • September 16, 2020
Bogor - Telkomsat with PT Telkom Indonesia held an opening internal satellite business consolidation consulting activity which took place at the Telkomsat Satellite Control Headquarters in Bogor, on Monday (14/09). The purpose of holding this activity is to ensure that the satellite business transformation process is in line with the key direction for organization transformation from TelkomGroup in strengthening the business line, especially in the satellite business which is consolidated under one entity, namely Telkomsat. 

According to the satellite business consolidation roadmap, there are 5 phases that must be ensured that they are running according to the key direction, namely Phase 1: Patrakom as a vehicle for the establishment of Telkomsat, Phase 2: Transfer of the SatMP Project to Telkomsat, Phase 3: Management of T2 & T3S to Telkomsat & Transfer Bisnis, Phase 4: Transfer of Metrasat's Business to Telkomsat and Phase 5: Consolidation of TSGN.

The event was conducted through a Video Conference (Vicon), attended by Telkomsat Commissioner Harry Suseno Hadisoebroto who is also the person in charge of the Internal Consuting Team, Telkomsat President Director Endi Fitri Herlianto and other Telkomsat Board of Directors, VP Audit, Risk Management & HSE Telkomsat Syaifuddin Bistok P. S, VP Infrastructure & Operational Audit of PT Telkom Indonesia I Ketut Dody Wirawan, as well as other TelkomGroup supervisors and auditors. The implementation time itself is planned to last until November 2020.

The points discussed in this internal consulting agenda are the CSS satellite business strategy for 2020-2024, the roadmap and progress of the satellite business consolidation, internal risks, and the internal consulting method that will be used.

The results of this internal consulting are expected to help management to believe that the Business Cooperation Agreement (PKU) process between Telkom and Telkomsat is adequate; Metrasat's acquisition and Telin's acquisition of shares in TSGN by Telkomsat are in accordance with applicable regulations; Recording of revenues and expenses related to asset transfer and management of satellites in Telkom, Telkomsat and Metrasat has been carried out in accordance with applicable accounting policies and mitigation of business risks for transactions between Telkomsat and Telkom, Metrasat and Telin.