Telkom Indonesia with the Telkomsat Introduces Satellite On The Move Service To KSAD

  • April 16, 2021
Jakarta - Telkomsat with the parent company PT Telkom Indonesia, visited the Chief of Staff of the Indonesian Army, on Tuesday (13/04). This visit was welcomed by the KSAD Jenderal TNI Andika Perkasa and Kapushubad Brigjen TNI Masri, S.Sos.

The activity which took place at the Central Jakarta Army Headquarters Office, was also attended by the Director of Enterprise Telkom Indonesia, Edi Witjara; EVP Telkom DGS Dedy Mardhianto; CEO of Telkomsat, Endi Fitri Herlianto; CMO of Telkomsat, Puguh Indaryono; and CDO of Telkomsat, Anggoro Kurnianto Widiawan.

In this meeting, the Director of Enterprise discussed the development of information technology as well as being a place to update Telkom's information in managing government customers. In addition, he explained the trend and road map of satellite technology. Furthermore, Telkom specifically offers cooperation in the field of Satellite on The Move for Land, Sea and Air platforms.

Meanwhile, the CEO of Telkomsat explained the benefits of implementing Satellite on The Move technology for the Indonesian Army which is useful in operations in vulnerable areas, borders & outer islands, natural disaster management operations, training for the Army and Army Defense Forces, as well as communication support for ground units, ADRI and Puspenerbad.

This discussion resulted in a positive response from Jenderal TNI Andika Perkasa, He hopes that through this meeting there can be cooperation which can be realized immediately so that it can facilitate the performance of the TNI in maintaining the sovereignty of the Republic of Indonesia.

"Personally, I am always enthusiastic and amazed by the latest technologies, and I really support what has been conveyed by Telkom, and we really need it. I hope that after this meeting it can be followed up immediately and hopefully this cooperation can be realized soon," he said.

The telecommunication network via satellite is a media that is safe enough to communicate and has a reliable network compared to other media. So that satellite services are the right choice in supporting the performance of the TNI in maintaining the sovereignty of the Republic of Indonesia.

Through this meeting, it is expected to be an encouragement for Telkomsat to continue to advance in providing the best for the country through satellite technology that can reach all corners of Indonesia.