Satellite Internet for Equitable Telecommunications in Indonesia

  • August 02, 2019
Bogor - Badan Komunikasi dan Informasi (BAKTI) of the Ministry of Communication and Information has launched the "Menuju Indonesia Merdeka Sinyal" program in 2020. The reason is that there are currently around 11 percent of Indonesia's territory that has no signal or is in the blank spot area. The area is located in 5,300 villages spread throughout Indonesia, while 3,500 are located in the Papua region.

To support the government program, Telkomsat also contributes through satellite-based internet services in the distribution of telecommunications in Indonesia. Founded in 1995, Telkomsat has become a part of Indonesian history that presents data communications, internet services, business solutions, to the development of IoT (Internet of Things).

Telkomsat continues to develop its innovation products and services to address the needs of various industries and the rapidly developing world. "Telkomsat is present at important points of the city in all corners of Indonesia through mangoesky products. To meet the vast Indonesia, Telkomsat comes with USAT services and various services that enable solutions to meet the various telecommunications needs at sea. While in the air, Telkomsat comes with a service in flight connectivity that makes it easy for passengers to get connected to the internet. "Said Anggoro K. Widiawan, VP of Strategic Business Development.

The development of digital transformation, equitable distribution of infrastructure and telecommunications services throughout Indonesia is said to be a challenge that must be resolved at this time. Satellite internet services with fast interconnection and can support all needs in the world of education, health, regional government, defense and security, to improve the local economy is needed at this time.

With the Merah Putih Satellite, it is a step that must be taken by Telkomsat in realizing national connectivity and can support the Asian region. Red and White Satellite is a solution for meeting the needs of business areas that are not affordable by optical fiber, to serve customers in various fields of life. The role of these satellites is an investment made by Telkomsat in order to strengthen the Company's capabilities to enhance digital business growth and provide the best digital experience for customers to compete with Telkomsat's vision of "Be a Leading Satellite Service Provider in the Region".