Director of WINS Telkom Leads RAGAB Telkomsat

  • August 25, 2022
Jakarta - Director of WINS Telkom Indonesia, Bogi Witjaksono, for the first time chaired the Telkomsat Joint Meeting (RAGAB) on August 25, 2022 as the new President Commissioner of Telkomsat. The RAGAB which was carried out in a hybrid (offline and online) was attended by BOC and BOD of Telkomsat. On this occasion, Bogi, who was physically present in the Nakula-Sadewa Meeting Room of Telkomsat, TLT, 21st floor, Jakarta, immediately gave a lot of insight and constructive suggestions regarding the satellite business to the Telkomsat Board of Directors.

Satellite technology is not a new thing for Bogi, because before joining the Board of Directors of TelkomGroup, Bogi had long been involved in the TelkomGroup satellite world and occupied strategic positions. Such as Managing Director Metrasat, CEO of Patrakom, Deputy President Director & Commercial Director of Telkomsat. In fact, Bogi also served as President Commissioner of Telkomsat in the previous period.

This RAGAB lasted for 2 hours and it was very interesting. CEO of Telkomsat - Lukman Hakim Abd. Rauf, delivered his presentation regarding the performance of Telkomsat YTD July 2022 as well as updates on the progress of project management for the HTS 113BT, Starlink, and TSGN Satellite projects. In each of these themes, Bogi always provides a lot of advice, knowledge, insight and motivation to the BOD of Telkomsat.

There are things that are the focus of the RAGAB such as: settlement of Telkomsat receivables, Telkomsat sales prospects, Mangoesky winback market and its derivatives, efforts to optimize sales in South Asia, satellite business opportunities in maritime, efforts to secure HTS 113BT business, maximize the potential for Starlink cooperation, as well as several strategic issues related to Telkomsat's subsidiary, TSGN.

BOC of Telkomsat who were physically present, Rama Pratama and Benny Riyanto expressed their appreciation and recognition of Bogi's expertise in the satellite business. They hope that Bogi's presence can bring new enthusiasm and motivation to the Board of Directors and all Telkomsat employees to continue to maximize their potential towards Telkomsat Melesat.