Director of NITS Telkom Indonesia and BOD Telkomsat Visit the G20 Summit Media Center

  • November 16, 2022
Bali - Director of Network & IT Solution Telkom Indonesia Herlan Wijanarko, who was accompanied by CEO of Telkomsat Lukman Hakim Abd. Rauf and CDO of Telkomsat Anggoro Kurnianto Widiawan, Visited the Bali G20 Summit Media Center located at Garuda Wisnu Kencana Cultural Park (GWK), on (15/11).

This visit was carried out with the aim of ensuring that all broadcasting tools and infrastructure run normally and reliably, as an effort to support the success of the G20 Summit activities.

The G20 is an international forum that focuses on coordinating policies in the economic and development fields. This forum was attended by 19 countries plus one intergovernmental and supranational organization, namely the European Union. Therefore, the readiness of equipment and infrastructure and broadcasting backup should be well prepared and able to operate optimally without interruption throughout the event at this grand event.

With Telkomsat's participation in this event, it is hoped that it will a more successful role in the success of the G20 agenda so that it will also bring Indonesia's name to the world.