Award & Achievement


Award & Achievement

To achieve the objective to become a world-class company and comply with regulations, Telkomsat believes business process and operations must be based Quality Management System on world-class standards. Strategic measures must be taken to advance business processes in data center and other services, including human resource skill and competencies.

Telkomsat’s activities in telecommunication industry has been honored for our breakthrough technology solutions and business practices.

3rd Place Best Revenue Achievement Category - BUS Segment

2nd Place Best Cash Flow Achievement Category - BUS Segment

Award of Appreciation For Supporting Telkom & Telkomsel 2019

The Best Internet Service in Rural Areas

3rd Winner Profitability Award Business Unit Subsidiaries

Perusahaan Taat Pajak

Obedient company tax

The Best Performance Link IDR 2018

Award of Appreciation for Supporting Telkom & Telkomsel 2018

Charter of "Very Good" Award in the Implementation of the Contractor's HSE Management System in 2018

Contribution of Loss Sharing to the Kahar (Force Majeure) Morea Exploration Drilling (MOR 001)

Award for Innovation in Business Information Apps

3rd best - Broadband Customer Service Application Information System

Runner Up 2 of Mobile Apps - Patrakom Vessel Information System

Excellence in Building and Managing Corporate Image

Terbaik 1 Best Unit Telkom Group Kategori Subsidiary Product Factory

The 2nd Best IDR Vendor of ICT Region Maluku Papua

The Best IDR Vendor of ICT Region Maluku Papua

The Best Customer Experience 2017

Best Innovation Kategori Transformational "Transformasi Menuju Integrated HTS Service"

2nd Best Performance 2017

Best Unit Kategori Subsidiary Product Factory

Silver Stevie Awards 2016

The Best Response For Link IDR Telkom DWS 2016

Best Performance For Link IDR Telkom DWS 2016

The Best Business Achievement Q1 2016

The Best Overall Performance 2015

The Best Quality of Revenue 2015

Best Performance for Link IDR Telkom DWS 2015

The Best IDR Provider ICT Maluku & Papua Periode Q2 Tahun 2015

The Best IDR Provider ICT Maluku & Papua Periode Q1 Tahun 2015

The Best Performance Achievement of IDR In ICT Operation Region Maluku & Papua Period August 2014

Sinergi Mega Project III Telkom Group Kategori Realisasi Revenue Sinergi 2014

Telkom Enterprise Best of The Best Partner 2012

Best Partner 2012 Category Network & Service

Best Availability & Performance High Capacity Link Satelite Leased Line Provider 2012